NovaEdge IT Placement Quiz 2014

NovaEdge IT Placement Quiz is the Largest Engineering Career Quiz in the Lucknow. Nearly 2000+ students attend along with almost 50+ recruitment More than that however, it is said to be one of the most professional and well-run career Quiz in the nation. At no other time do as many companies from across the Globe get to see and interact with the high quality students. The ultimate goal for the Career Quiz should be to provide both the students and the recruiters with the best possible experience.

NovaEdge Software provide an unparalleled level of enthusiasm, commitment and experience. We are familiar with the major aspects of this event and understand that it is the little things that can go a long way towards providing a comfortable atmosphere for the visiting recruiters and students. Through effective use of the Sub-Committee and by maintaining multiple lines of communication between the Central Committee, employers, students and Engineering Career Services, we plan to not only implement our own ideas, but to gather diverse perspectives so that we may accomplish more than we ever could imagine alone.