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ASP.NET MVC Training Course Overview


  • Scaffolding
  • What Is Scaffolding
  • Scaffolding and the Entity Framework
  • Executing the Scaffolding Template
  • Executing the Scaffolding Code
  • Editing
  • Building a Resource to Edit
  • Responding to the Edit POST Request
  • Model Binding
  • The DefaultModelBinder
  • Explicit Model Binding


  • The Purpose of Views
  • View Basics
  • Understanding View Conventions
  • Strongly Typed Views
  • Understanding View Bag, View Data,
  • and ViewDataDictionary
  • View Models
  • Adding a View
  • The Razor View Engine
  • Razor Syntax Samples
  • Layouts & View Start
  • Specifying a Partial View


  • Controllers, Actions, and Action Results
  • Routing to Controller Actions
  • Working with the Application Model

Iintroduction to LINQ:

  • What is LINQ..?
  • Why we need LINQ?
  • How LINQ works?
  • Using Linq via Method based and Query based syntax
  • Filtering Data
  • Grouping Data
  • Joining Data
  • LINQ to Object

Entity framework:

  • Overview of the Entity framework
  • Difference betwwen Linq to sqland Entity framework
  • Learn how to create an Entity data model
  • conceputual schema definition language (CSDL)
  • Store schema definition language (SSDL)
  • Mapping specification language (MSL)
  • Techniques for using linq to entities to query data in a SQL server data base
  • Creating/managing 1-many and many-1 relations
  • Association and foreign keys
  • Procedure Mapping
  • Giving life to a Model
  • Mapping object to Data

MVC 5 (Model View Controller):

  • Getting Started
  • What is MVC
  • Life cycle of MVC
  • The MVC Pattern
  • The Road to MVC

Forms And HTML Helpers:

  • Using Forms
  • The Action and the Method
  • To GET or to POST?
  • HTML Helpers
  • Inside HTML Helpers
  • Adding Inputs
  • Helpers, Models, and View Data
  • Strongly Typed Helpers
  • Helpers and Model Metadata
  • Templated Helpers
  • Helpers and ModelState
  • Other Input Helpers

Data Annotations And Validation:

  • Annotating Orders for Validation
  • Using Validation Annotations
  • Custom Error Messages and Localization
  • Looking Behind the Annotation Curtain
  • Controller Actions and Validation Errors
  • Custom Validation Logic
  • Custom Annotations
  • ValidatableObject
  • Display and Edit Annotations
  • Scaffold Column
  • Display Format

Membership, Authorization, And Security:

  • Using the Authorize Attribute to Require Login
  • Securing Controller Actions
  • How Authorize Attribute Works with Forms Authentication
  • Account Controller
  • Windows Authentication
  • Using Authorize Attribute to Require Role Membership
  • Extending User Identity
  • Managing users and roles
  • Registering External Login Providers


  • Jquery Features
  • Unobtrusive JavaScript
  • Using jQuery
  • Ajax Helpers
  • Ajax ActionLinks
  • Ajax Forms
  • Jquery Validation
  • Autocomplete with Jquery UI


  • Introduction to Routing
  • Comparing Routing to URL Rewriting
  • Routing Approaches
  • Defining Attribute Routes
  • Defining Traditional Routes
  • Named Routes
  • MVC Areas
  • High-Level View of URL Generation

Bootstrap Introduction:

  • Responsive app,layouts
  • Components
  • Developing site with bootstrap

Understand Contracts in WCF service:

  • ServiceContract.
  • OperationContract.
  • DataContract
  • Fault Contract
  • Message Contract

Windows Communication Foundation (WCF):

  • Introduction To WCF
  • What is Distributed Application
  • Evolution of WCF
  • Evolution of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
  • Four Tenets of SOA
  • What is WCF.
  • Where does WCF Services fit in?
  • WCF comparison with WebServices and .Net Remoting.