Web designing Training

Web designing Training

Web designing is all about writing code that is valid HTML and CSS which make it easier to correct problems, and edit pages. HTML and CSS are the fundamental technologies for building web pages: HTML (HTML and XHTML) for structure, CSS for style and layout, including Web Fonts. A web designer has to concentrate on designing graphics and layout. A web designer should be visually artistic. A web designer has to learn color theory and work of art and should have a degree in visual arts and visual design. NovaEdge Software focuses on imparting web designing training which improves their Technical abilities on the web designing as well as the wanted creativity. The web designing training of NovaEdge Software can take your career to the new heights.

Web designing is an integral and significant part of IT industry. Today, it is a promising career option. Web services are applied in industries, business, education and the public sector. Web design services include Need analysis, Solution designing, Web content writing, web content planning, Product photography, Graphic designs, Flash Designing, HTML coding and Java scripting.

With the spectacular growth of the web, new opportunities are available for businesses across the world. It is now essential to have a web presence and India has become the hub for website development for companies across the world. So Web Designing is a right career option for those having a flair for creativity as Web designers are the people who bear the responsibility to create a perfect interface between the clients & the online presence of the business & greatly contribute to the success of the business.

Web designing Training Course Content

Introduction To Web Technology:

  • Understanding Browser & Server
  • Introduction to HTTP & HTTPs Protocol
  • Understanding Web Standards
  • Web Page Components

Working With HTML:

  • Understanding HTML Page
  • Understanding HTML Tags

Working With CSS:

  • Introduction to CSS
  • Introduction to CSS Selectors
  • Introduction to CSS Properties
  • Using Inline, Inpage and External CSS

Working With JavaScript:

  • Introduction to JavaScript
  • Essentials Objects & Functions
  • Understanding Form Validations

Introduction To Designing Tools:

  • Dreamviewer
  • Netbeans

Working With Layouts:

  • Designing web templates on Photoshop
  • Slicing and creating html
  • Using templates in websites


  • Understanding development
  • Working on projects

Advance JavaScript & JQuery Mastering Web Layouts:

  • Designing complex layouts
  • Embedding multimedia
  • Handling browser incompatibility
  • SEO Standards
  • HTML Validation

Responsive Web Design:

  • Introduction Responsive
  • Introduction Bootstrap